Fitbit Results

As Part of my efforts to keep my lungs fit i exercies most days to help me monitor this i purchased sometime ago a FITBIT ONE its purpose being to monitor and record my daily steps. Which once at home it will automatically send my record to a website so it can show in graph form my results.

I always like a challenge and try as much as possible to invite others to competite againest me, my work in Pulmonary Rehabilitation at my local hospital means i have competition but it don’t mean i have direct competition, therefore at the begining of January 2014 I made a direct challenge to 1 of the Pulmonary Rehab Staff who also use a fitbit, thinking She would not accept the idea of use completing the most steps in one year.

She accepted so we are now sending our results each week to each other and I’m recording them to gain a final total at the end of the year, it would be unfair to name this person on my website so we will just call her L.

Somewhere on this page i will upload our results each week for all to see the results are based on are daily average. My goal is 5,500 steps a day.

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