My Photo Hobby

Some of my hobbies include photography, a few months ago I purchased a  with the objective to learn photography in my own time and own way.

 A OLYMPUS SP-810UZ Digital Bridge Camera, My brother Lee has a media qualification and therefore was trained to be a photographer and journalisum so is well aware of the routes around a camera of this type.

When i purchased this camera i asked him not to teach me how to use it but to maybe come out with me and take photos together, the only way i will learn is by doing things myself.

The camera has the facility to do everything for you or for it to be switched off and you do everything and if it don’t quite work the camera will give advise on how to change the image to make it better the next time around, something which i like very much so far I’ve taken nearly 3000 photos and uploaded them to my own web photo gallery where anyone can go and look take a look for yourself Photos by Glynn Finney Of Leicester.

This is one hobby i’m really enjoying i find simple photos interesting i like to photography objects and landscapes but prefer not to take photos of people.

In November 2014 i put the Olympus Camera to bed and purchased a Nikon Cool-pix P600 DLR Camera it has all the bits that i like including wireless operators and i’ve taken some great photos with it some of which you can now view from my online photo gallery here on this site.

 In October 2016 i purchased my current camera a NIKON D3400 DSLR with a 18-55 mm wide angle Len and a 70mm – 200mm Telephoto lens this was purchase thanks to money left to me by my mum who sadly passed away in the same month from Vascular Dementia and Heart Failure.

Mum always enjoyed throughout her 5 years of illness coming out for a drive with me so i could take photos around Leicestershire and it was nice when she was in Hinckley community hospital to have the opportunity for her to use my camera with support and take some photos of her own. She was always proud of what i had achieved in my life and wanted me to continue my photography hobby, so sadly when she passed away on the 11th October its was my task to save for my current camera it was a shock to find however in her belongings a envelope with a note which said “Glynn’s new camera for Xmas” it seems she had been putting money aside to get me a new camera. So at the end of October 2016 i bought my current camera and its

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