Western Park Open Air School Project

I was asked by the last head teacher of the School if I would help to keep “the memory alive”. As a result of this request I gained the role of ‘Official Historian and Webmaster for WPOAS’ on the 5th July 2005. (WPOAS – Western Park Open Air School)

This website is, therefore, ‘That Memory’ for pupils and staff who attended Western Park Open Air School sometime during its 75 years as a school for delicate children. The site is also an historical record of the life of the School.

This once thriving school had much to give and here is an opportunity to learn about and remember your part of its history with the aid of historical records, audio readings, photo galleries and personal documentations.

Western Park Open Air School, affectionately known as WPOAS, was not just a school it was a Special School (Special Education School). Pupils attended because they had some form of medical, health or physical disability which meant that main stream education would have been too stressful for all concerned. WPOAS was unique; it was special, as were the pupils and staff working together, and our aim now is to keep those memories alive for future generations.

Remember school life as it was; how it prepared us for our futures. To everyone involved and associated with Western Park Open Air School it will be remembered as “A Very Special School”. Our School!

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